Saturday, September 12, 2009

Uta Mooney and Adam Oehlers at the Greenhill Galleries

I know, I know - it looks as if there is only one gallery in Adelaide.
Fact is, that seems to be the case. There is one gallery that has four venues, that takes risks in promoting new artists and opening in pubs and wineries and hotels. It is also a gallery that has openings on Sundays.
I will also add that it is a gallery that doesn't mind me taking photos and talking about them.
But enough of this.
I must say that I admire Russell for taking a gamble with this show today. He is a business man and he needs to make money to be successful and he knows that people are reluctant to buy new and untested artists. I believe this show, and the very pertinent introduction by James Schoff (a rare occasion to listen to someone so profound) is a great chance for Uta Mooney.
Uta Mooney has good technique, the idea behind her show is good, the subject matter needs at times to be looked at to make it less mundane. I loved the boots and the message they convey and I would have bought them (various reasons, amongst which the price was a factor stopped me from doing this).I see a great future for her if she can use this opportunity (and others that are being presented to her) wisely.
Adam is a brilliant illustrator that is currently working in London where the money is. It is almost impossible to describe properly his work, so I would suggest you to seek him out. I'm sure we will hear about him quite a lot in the near future.

Art schools in Adelaide

A question I've asked about art classes in Adelaide a year ago on artforum has been still unanswered. Again, something that points to the fact that Adelaide may, in fact, be the backwater of Australia.
In saying that, I must confess that I have been to quite a few art classes in Adelaide, and so far the Life Drawing classes at the Thebarton Senior College have been the ones that have taught me quite a lot.
The courses at TAFE are sadly trying to teach students to loosen up, you see a lot of action painting and drawing being encouraged there.
For me, who started throwing housepaint on canvas this is not what I was looking for.
If anyone out there has suggestions about some art classes where one can learn how to paint and draw, I would very much appreciate it.
In the mean time I will continue with the life drawing classes at the Thebarton Senior College.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

An afternoon with Mike Barr

The invitation said:
"Ever wanted to see a painting develop from start to finish? Well, now you can watch 5 paintings do just that on Sunday, September 6th at 2pm. In the space of about 2 hours I will put together 5 little beachscapes from start to finish. Each painting will be signed and available for purchase on the day for $225 and, they will be ready to hang. So, why not drop around to Red Opus - sit and watch some paint dry with a coffee and a piece of cake and pick up somethng special for Fathers Day."
I went, and had the time of my life. Nothing like watching an artist work, apart from watching yourself work (same thing, I guess, just different artist).
I did get my Fathers Day present, and so much more.
Thanks, Mike
Mike has his own room in the newly open Red Opus gallery.
The room features Mike Barr's best work and new paintings will be hung as they are completed. Red Opus is open Wed to Sat from 10am - 4pm - Sunday from 1-4pm. 119 Payneham Road, St Peters. SA 5112
And while you're there, take a look at Bromley's work. It is most likely the largest collection of his works on display.