Saturday, June 20, 2009

Art moves into the Western suburbs

New Exhibition at The Highway - corner Anzac Highway / Marion Road
'The Wishlist'
20th June - 19th August 2009

"I’m delighted that Martin Palmer and his senior team at The Highway (Group General Manager, Tony Symonds and General Manager, Simon Adami) have been so positive about the suggestion of (Food Operations Manager) Tom Williamson, to exhibit contemporary art on an ongoing basis: even more delighted that we at Greenhill have been invited to handle this exciting new development. We’ve chosen strong, established and promising new artists for this Inaugural Exhibition which we expect will be the fore runner of many. That is why we have invited innovative young South Australian designer Matthew Travis Simpson to launch this series in the superb newly revamped dining and function spaces of “The Highway”

Russell Starke OAM - Director Greenhill Galleries Adelaide"

What was not long ago a pub where you could play the pokies and see some frugally clad ladies has been transformed into a civilised, accessible to all, cultural space in the Western suburbs.
The Greenhill Gallery's bold move to seize the opportunity will be no doubt followed by others.
Talk about vision: The Stefan Maguran gallery is just a few steps away.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Julie Lawry at Greenhill Galleries Adelaide

Julie Lawry, Edithburgh Jetty - Watercolour 54 x 74
"I am always left hungry to exploit the unpredictable nature of this irritating medium which can be so magical too. Its translucency allows you to render the nuances of atmosphere and light so marvelously modelled by J.M.W. Turner's mysterious suggestions." - Julie Lawry on watercolour
Whatever you do this weekend, make sure you go to see Julie Lawry at the Greenhill Galleries.
It is a very impressive collection of views from Europe, jetties from Australia and children. The beautiful colours will warm your soul in spite of the winter's cold.
Hurry, it closes on June 16.
And while you're there, check out the stock collection being prepared for the next stock room sale - preview on 19 June.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Historic South Australian paintings 1880-1960

The Hahndorf Academy hosts until the 21st of June a series of hidden treasures:
The Adelaide Hills - historic South Australian paintings 1880 - 1960.

"This exhibition provides a rare glimpse of a specific region (broad as it is, stretching from the Barossa Valley to the Southern Vales) and an era in South Australian art, when traditional approaches were becoming tainted by modern means. It also invites us to engage with a number of artists, some of whom unfortunately have slipped a little into obscurity. Perhaps this exhibition will perform a great service to South Australians in terms of stimulating respect and a more enduring celebration of these people."
Adam Dutkiewicz

I was impressed by Rober Waden's blue and Francis Roy Thompson's yellow, and not so impressed by the state of the paintings and the state of some frames. They looked as if they were salvaged form some run-down homes.
If stimulating respect for these people was the aim of this exhibition, some care would have been very welcome.

A trip in history well worth the short trip from Adelaide to Hahndorf.