Friday, November 6, 2009

Save Our “Festival” State

Save Our “Festival” State is a campaign to raise the awareness of the desperate need for more medium sized community theatres in Adelaide. With so many theatres having been closed and the imminent demolition of Union Hall, possibly limited or no access to the Scott Theatre and restricted access to the Odeon Theatre - the availability of performance space in Adelaide is at crisis level. What to do when there are no longer any theatres for community groups to buy and return to their former glory. Surely the arts are as valuable to this State as our great sporting heroes and scientists. If so, where is the infrastructure for the masses? In order to address this issue we must join ranks and raise our glorious voices in unison. We, the Arts Community, want more theatres in Adelaide so that everyone who loves to perform has the opportunity to do so. We would be pleased to work with the State and Federal Governments to ensure the best outcomes for the whole community. Let's start talking.Save Our “Festival” State is a joint campaign initiated by Kate Warren (Rosebud Consulting and Secretary of The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of SA) and Benjamin Finn (Urban Myth Theatre of Youth and local performer) DrinksFrom the huge on-line demand this week since the launch of the Save Our "Festival" State fan page (950 fans in five days), we thought it would be a great opportunity to meet sooner rather than later. Special guests and key industry speakers will be attending. Come and have your say and meet like-minded people who are passionate about this current issue and cause. Sunday 8 November at 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm at Mantra on King William, 36 King William Road, Goodwood. Entry is free. TShirts will be available at the end of the week for $20 and will also be available to purchase on Sunday.FORWARD TO EVERYONE AND ANYONE YOU KNOW!For more information contact: Kate Warren ( or Ben Finn (

Sunday, October 18, 2009

While posh galleries are scratching their heads...

"With relation to the blog site, there are considerable copyright issues and marketing concerns we need to address for our own business. For this reason we have a policy generally of not authorising the taking a photographs for personal or public use or the use of images from our website for any purpose other than what we ourselves have contracted between us and the artists involved. Therefore I must also advise that you will be unable to include our gallery, links to our website or extracts from our website in any way on your site, or to take pictures in our gallery".

On the other hand, the Chainsaw Chicks are taking off from Melbourne to the Outsiders Festival
Adelaide - 1 - 30 November 2009.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2009 Adelaide Cathedral Art Show

Recession? - What recession? - the three paintings at the top of this image have been sold on the night.
The 2009 Adelaide Cathedral Art Show is being held at St Peter’s Cathedral from Friday 9th October, opening night, through to Saturday 17th October.

A very appropriate venue for the City of Churches.
Still a few days to go and, with the winter weather outside, a very good occasion to absorb a variety of art on display and to purchase one or two pieces to match your couch.

The show closes Saturday 17 October
Contact Rosie Hamilton at
or on 82674551

Friday, October 2, 2009

Reflections on the Murray

Reflections on the Murray
An exhibition of new paintings by Peter Wallfried (2 - 30 October 2009)
This exhibition continues Peter's theme of exploring the varied and unique aspects of the South Australian countryside.
The 25 paintings on display portray the magnificent and diverse landscapes of the iconic Murray River.
All paintings are acrylic on canvas and include images of the paddle steamers and paddle boats 'Marion', 'Oscar W', 'William Randell' and 'Industry' as well as the 'Captain Proud', 'Expedition' and 'Murray Princess'. Peter has once again shown his interest in the reflective qualities of water. His paintings capture the reflections of cliffs, house boats, paddle steamers, trees, and old wharves.
This exhibition is a must see, don't miss out!

Address: Pepper Street Arts Centre558 Magill Road, Magill(Corner of Pepper Street and Magill Road)
Open Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12noon-5pm
Contacts: Alex Cornwell and Sally Patterson
Phone: (08) 8364 6154
Peter Wallfried was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1952. His family emigrated to Australia in 1955, moving from state to state until finally settling in South Australia. His childhood was spent in the Port Adelaide/Semaphore area. Tertiary studies were completed at the S.A. School of Art (Stanley Street), Western Teachers College and the University of S.A. Peter is primarily a teacher of art but has concentrated more on his own work in the last 8 years, having four solo exhibitions in that time as well as entering various competitions and prize.

His works have very strong tonal qualities and demonstrate a lively observation of nature and its surrounds. They capture the very real image and transpose the viewer into a relaxing and peaceful space. His handling of reflections is entrancing, and one of the most noticeable features of his work.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Uta Mooney and Adam Oehlers at the Greenhill Galleries

I know, I know - it looks as if there is only one gallery in Adelaide.
Fact is, that seems to be the case. There is one gallery that has four venues, that takes risks in promoting new artists and opening in pubs and wineries and hotels. It is also a gallery that has openings on Sundays.
I will also add that it is a gallery that doesn't mind me taking photos and talking about them.
But enough of this.
I must say that I admire Russell for taking a gamble with this show today. He is a business man and he needs to make money to be successful and he knows that people are reluctant to buy new and untested artists. I believe this show, and the very pertinent introduction by James Schoff (a rare occasion to listen to someone so profound) is a great chance for Uta Mooney.
Uta Mooney has good technique, the idea behind her show is good, the subject matter needs at times to be looked at to make it less mundane. I loved the boots and the message they convey and I would have bought them (various reasons, amongst which the price was a factor stopped me from doing this).I see a great future for her if she can use this opportunity (and others that are being presented to her) wisely.
Adam is a brilliant illustrator that is currently working in London where the money is. It is almost impossible to describe properly his work, so I would suggest you to seek him out. I'm sure we will hear about him quite a lot in the near future.

Art schools in Adelaide

A question I've asked about art classes in Adelaide a year ago on artforum has been still unanswered. Again, something that points to the fact that Adelaide may, in fact, be the backwater of Australia.
In saying that, I must confess that I have been to quite a few art classes in Adelaide, and so far the Life Drawing classes at the Thebarton Senior College have been the ones that have taught me quite a lot.
The courses at TAFE are sadly trying to teach students to loosen up, you see a lot of action painting and drawing being encouraged there.
For me, who started throwing housepaint on canvas this is not what I was looking for.
If anyone out there has suggestions about some art classes where one can learn how to paint and draw, I would very much appreciate it.
In the mean time I will continue with the life drawing classes at the Thebarton Senior College.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

An afternoon with Mike Barr

The invitation said:
"Ever wanted to see a painting develop from start to finish? Well, now you can watch 5 paintings do just that on Sunday, September 6th at 2pm. In the space of about 2 hours I will put together 5 little beachscapes from start to finish. Each painting will be signed and available for purchase on the day for $225 and, they will be ready to hang. So, why not drop around to Red Opus - sit and watch some paint dry with a coffee and a piece of cake and pick up somethng special for Fathers Day."
I went, and had the time of my life. Nothing like watching an artist work, apart from watching yourself work (same thing, I guess, just different artist).
I did get my Fathers Day present, and so much more.
Thanks, Mike
Mike has his own room in the newly open Red Opus gallery.
The room features Mike Barr's best work and new paintings will be hung as they are completed. Red Opus is open Wed to Sat from 10am - 4pm - Sunday from 1-4pm. 119 Payneham Road, St Peters. SA 5112
And while you're there, take a look at Bromley's work. It is most likely the largest collection of his works on display.

Monday, August 24, 2009

SALA Festival - update

The SALA Festival has ended with a beautiful street party on King William road.
The organisers, Karen paris and the SALA team, with the support of the Unley council, specifically Matthew Ives and his team, could not have hoped for a better day.
The weather was beautiful and there were plenty of cashed up visitors walking around the works displayed everywhere in shops, cafes and the SALA ON SALE gallery.
Congratulations to all for a great effort.
The really good thing was that the children have not been forgotten.
If we want art to be part of the human existence in the future, the children must be taught to love art. And this is exactly what the organisers have done this time.
Adelaide looks like such a great place to raise children.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The SALA Festival

More an more I have to admit that Adelaide is aiming for the title.
Speaking of which, the SALA Festival is on in Adelaide and surrounds.
As expected, the government, instead of using the event to promote the Festival and Artistic State, is ignoring the festival, the same as it does with all correspondence regarding the Outsiders Festival.
The battle continues while the stormwater is flowing into the Ocean.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Club 68 art launch

A permanent display of the collaborative work of Club 68 has been opened at the Norwood Lib ray, 110, The Parade, Norwood.
Only 8 paintings with subjects of interest to children have been tastefully placed in the children's reading area of the library.
It is a nice homage to the work of all the artists involved and their mentor, the sculptor Renate Nisi.
A very good reason to visit the library and have a few pleasant and quiet moments, away from the hustle and bustle of an otherwise busy city.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Beethoven Festival

The Australian Youth Orchestra, conducted by the Grammy award winning conductor John Nelson and with my ex-compatriot piano virtuoso Herbert Schuch have delighted, over three wonderful nights the very enthusiastic public of Adelaide with the music of the great Titan, Ludwig at the Festival Theatre.
The hall was full each night and people were genuinely excited by the performance.
The Festival has culminated with the 9th, featuring the soloists Aivale Cole - soprano, Elizabeth Campbell - mezzo soprano, Henry Choo - tenor and Douglas McNicol - baritone and the chorus of State Opera of South Australia and the Philharmonia Chorus, conducted by Timothy Sexton.
All in all, a great event that should be repeated more often, if only to educate the few swines with the flu and mobile phones turned on that almost ruined the atmosphere.
I must apologise for the photo, but there was no photography allowed.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Adelaide Impressionists demonstration

On a superb Sunday afternoon, the four Adelaide Impressionists have enchanted their impressive audience with their skills and talent.
A pleasant afternoon.
Gerhard Ritter completed a powerful portrait, Hans Koppan a beautiful little landscape, Mike Barr a monumental seascape and Alan Ramachandran a cityscape watercolour.
Missed out on winning one of the four works on offer, I'm sure they went to a much better place.
Life was never meant to be a free ride.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Adelaide Impressionists - July 5-26

Barr, Koppan, Ramachandran and Ritter

Royal South Australian Society of Arts gallery
Level 1, Institute Building, Cnr North Tce & Kintore Ave
The exhibition will be officially opened by
The Adelaide Lord Mayor - Michael Harbison
2.30pm Sunday July 5, 2009
Win a painting from the Adelaide Impressionists!
Luscious landscapes
Beautiful beachscapes
Wonderful wetlands
Stupendous streetscapes,
portraits and more

All 4 artists to demonstrate at the same time!
Sunday July 19 - 1-3pm
Royal South Australian Society of Arts gallery
Level 1, Institute Building, Cnr North Tce & Kintore Ave
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see 4 artists paint in their preferred media:
Oil, watercolour and acrylic.
Gerhard Ritter
Alan Ramachandran
Hans Koppan
Mike Barr
Put the date in your diary now!
Sunday July 19 - 1-3pm
Bring your friends, bring your notebooks and cameras.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Art moves into the Western suburbs

New Exhibition at The Highway - corner Anzac Highway / Marion Road
'The Wishlist'
20th June - 19th August 2009

"I’m delighted that Martin Palmer and his senior team at The Highway (Group General Manager, Tony Symonds and General Manager, Simon Adami) have been so positive about the suggestion of (Food Operations Manager) Tom Williamson, to exhibit contemporary art on an ongoing basis: even more delighted that we at Greenhill have been invited to handle this exciting new development. We’ve chosen strong, established and promising new artists for this Inaugural Exhibition which we expect will be the fore runner of many. That is why we have invited innovative young South Australian designer Matthew Travis Simpson to launch this series in the superb newly revamped dining and function spaces of “The Highway”

Russell Starke OAM - Director Greenhill Galleries Adelaide"

What was not long ago a pub where you could play the pokies and see some frugally clad ladies has been transformed into a civilised, accessible to all, cultural space in the Western suburbs.
The Greenhill Gallery's bold move to seize the opportunity will be no doubt followed by others.
Talk about vision: The Stefan Maguran gallery is just a few steps away.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Julie Lawry at Greenhill Galleries Adelaide

Julie Lawry, Edithburgh Jetty - Watercolour 54 x 74
"I am always left hungry to exploit the unpredictable nature of this irritating medium which can be so magical too. Its translucency allows you to render the nuances of atmosphere and light so marvelously modelled by J.M.W. Turner's mysterious suggestions." - Julie Lawry on watercolour
Whatever you do this weekend, make sure you go to see Julie Lawry at the Greenhill Galleries.
It is a very impressive collection of views from Europe, jetties from Australia and children. The beautiful colours will warm your soul in spite of the winter's cold.
Hurry, it closes on June 16.
And while you're there, check out the stock collection being prepared for the next stock room sale - preview on 19 June.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Historic South Australian paintings 1880-1960

The Hahndorf Academy hosts until the 21st of June a series of hidden treasures:
The Adelaide Hills - historic South Australian paintings 1880 - 1960.

"This exhibition provides a rare glimpse of a specific region (broad as it is, stretching from the Barossa Valley to the Southern Vales) and an era in South Australian art, when traditional approaches were becoming tainted by modern means. It also invites us to engage with a number of artists, some of whom unfortunately have slipped a little into obscurity. Perhaps this exhibition will perform a great service to South Australians in terms of stimulating respect and a more enduring celebration of these people."
Adam Dutkiewicz

I was impressed by Rober Waden's blue and Francis Roy Thompson's yellow, and not so impressed by the state of the paintings and the state of some frames. They looked as if they were salvaged form some run-down homes.
If stimulating respect for these people was the aim of this exhibition, some care would have been very welcome.

A trip in history well worth the short trip from Adelaide to Hahndorf.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

At the Jam Factory - a 3D visual feast

Susie Duggin's Autumn collection is a prelude of what's to come as you enter the gallery.
Inside, on the right, in Gallery 2, a series of delicate objects depict the global consumer culture in Julie Bartholomew's "Global Markings" exhibition. I left with the feeling that I'd rather be there than in a shopping center.
Gallery 1 is a collection of colourful weird, playful, sometimes grotesque objects. "Figuration", the work of Stephen Bird, Michael Doolan, Jenny Orchard and Mark Thompson is like a festival.
The Jam Factory is such an intimate place, where, in spite of the cameras placed everywhere, one feels at home.
It was a real pleasure to visit the current shows that run until the 21st of June.
If you haven't already, get out there! Treat yourself! It's free!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009