Friday, March 19, 2010

Stone's Throw - Adelaide Central Gallery

Opened by Nic Folland, artist On Friday 19 March 2010

Exhibition concludes 17 April 2010

Curated by ACSA graduate and lecturer Julia Robinson, Stone’s Throw surveys the sculptural work of five ACSA graduates Lauren Andersen, Mary Coventry, Kate Benda, Kate Morkuna and Renate Nisi.

The significance we attach to everyday objects is often less about their common function and more about our relationship to them, their potential to trigger memories, stimulate thoughts and imaginings. Adelaide Central Gallery’s upcoming exhibition Stone’s Throw promises a broad spectrum of sculptural approaches linked by notions of the everyday.

Whilst there was no strict thematic premise for the show, “the title of the exhibition was chosen to speak of a specific physicality pertinent to sculptors of all disciplines” says Robinson...”a physicality suggested by the verb ‘throw’ and the noun ‘stone’ ”.

Kate Morkunas’ gentle wire sculptures of everyday objects, seem to speak of a glass half full whilst Kate Benda uses found and collected books to consider similar ideas of the power of ordinary objects to enrich our lives and carry meaning.

Mary Coventry also takes the everyday object as a starting point but pushes the physicality of the object to its limit. Renate Nisi’s works rather than being grounded in the everyday object, fuses the man made with the mystical as mountains become skyscrapers whilst Lauren Anderson’s work has consistently explored the sticky territory of the visual pun, defying you to laugh.

For further information or images please contact Prue Gramp, Gallery Manager, on (08) 8364 2809 or

Images attached: (D) Kate Benda, a pile of books on the floor, 2010, mixed media, 200 x 200mm. (U) Kate Morkunas, wire drawing 1, wire, dimensions variable

Adelaide Central Gallery

45 Osmond Terrace, Norwood SA 5067

T +618 8364 2809



Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 9am–5pm,

Sat 11am–4pm

Gallery closed Easter holidays

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Outsiders on Sturt Street

A significant event in the artistic calendar of the Mad March and beyond is the Outsiders on Sturt Street, 171 Sturt Street, Adelaide.

The exhibition closes on 7 April 2010.

Featuring important works by some of the prominent artists presented in the Outsiders Festival 2009, the exhibition is a celebration of the human creativity, in spite of adversity.

The exhibition celebrates the works of disabled, destitute, untrained, self-taught or marginalised artists.
The quality of their work is remarkable and, as the Minister for Education commented at the opening, extremely affordable.

Do yourselves a favour and spend a few minutes admiring the show.
And if you like something, don't hesitate to comment in the visitor's book and to buy what you like.

Thank you.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Murray Edwards - Enticement

One of the masters of pastel landscaped, Murray Edwards is showing some of his melancholic pieces at Artistic License gallery and studio.
It is a show that should entice you to visit his Corella studio in the Clare valley.
It is well worth the trip, as you get to meet a fascinating man, a lovely character, and to see one of the most beautiful sceneries this country has to offer.

I would strongly encourage you to visit the show. It closes on the 1st of April.

It is part of a group exhibition with works by Grace Delaney, Tracey Grivell and Amanda Rodney.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spamalot at the Northern Light Theatre Company

A delightful production, full of fun, great voices, terrific acting, a show to remember. A must see show, even if you have to walk to Elizabeth.

About Spamalot from the Northern Light Company's website:

"Book and Lyrics by Eric Idle

Music by John Du Prez & Eric Idle

Director: Michael Pole

Musical Director: Peter Johns

Choreographer: Sue Pole

Finally, "Spamalot!" the hit Broadway and West End Musical that set Musical theatre back 100 years comes to Adelaide and goes Beyond The Fringe!

Starring the cream of Adelaide's theatrical talent, and acted with panache, precision, and many other words beginning with "P", this is Python's silliest and funniest film transformed to the big stage, in a presentation of a multi-Tony-award-winning production.

"Monty Python and the Holy Grail" live on stage… featuring all of the film's most famous sequences - the French taunters who speak in the most outrageous of accents - the Killer Rabbit - the suicidal and limbless Black Knight - the Knights who say 'Ni' and the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

Watch in amazement as King Arthur and his faithful servant Patsy "ride" (with the assistance of coconuts) the breadth of England to seek the most holy of Grails - on a mission from God himself (who makes a charming guest appearance by special arrangement in Act 1) - with the assistance of his faithful knights:

The brave Sir Lancelot - the heroic Sir Bedevere - the charming Sir Galahad - and the not-so-brave Sir Robin who nearly vanquished the vicious Chicken of Bristol and personally wet himself at the battle of Baden Hill!

Fall in love with the luscious Lady of the Lake and her stunning Laker Girls!

Be amazed at the class, chintz and sheer cheapness of this production!

Marvel as our heroes do battle with their fearsome adversaries and wonder just how far they can go before being arrested for being silly things!

And remember - what happens in Camelot…stays in Camelot!"

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition 2010

Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition 2010

Friday 19 February to Sunday 14 March

Drill Hall, Torrens Parade Ground

King William Road, Adelaide

Just a few days left to see a great exhibition.

A very pleasant surprise and an indication of good things to come in Adelaide.

This year's exhibition includes some very interesting ideas, a variety of materials and techniques, in a very attractive and comfortable setting.

It is so refreshing and encouraging to see that new talent exists and is recognised and promoted in Adelaide.

Artists: Sophia Bersée, Zoë Brooks, Thom Buchanan, Kim Buck, Matthew Cronin, Carolina Facelli, Cathy Frawley, Klaus Gutowski, Ray Harris, Shaw Hendry, Elizabeth Hetzel, Scott James, Anik Janyooyan, Michelle Jones, Ros Matson, Wayne McAra, Astra Parker, Rachael Polson, Brooke Randall, Gina Ray-Zwar, Guy Ringwood, Joshua Searson, Shelley Smith, Andrea Taylor, CJ Taylor, Alessandra Tomeo, Lyn Wood, Jaime Z

A must see, if you are in Adelaide.

The very good news is that the comprehensive catalogue has been posted online, for those who cannot make it. Enjoy.